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Hand Crafted and Sewn in the U.S.A.

BellaLoma K9 is a collection of individually hand-crafted long lines, leashes and dog toys for your 4 legged family. The inventory is always evolving, so check back often!

If you have an idea for a toy, please share it! We are always open to new ideas or suggestions for changes or improvements to our current items.

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Bella Loma K9's Story

My love affair with the Australian Shepherd started over 20 years ago when I took in a pup who was a mess. This poor guy was afraid of his own shadow. We bonded quickly but it took about a year before he grew confident enough to enjoy his surroundings. We went everywhere together and learned how to be each other’s anchor, friend and partner.  When he was 10, a second Aussie joined our family. All of us hiked, rode horses, rafted, traveled countless miles and started doing dog agility. At the trials, I saw some fun and colorful leashes.  Since money was tight, I thought I would try my hand at making one.

The first few were not very good but over time, I got better and created a pattern that I use to this day. People my agility community started asking where I got the leash and when I told them that I made it, they asked me to make them one, too.  That effort snowballed and BellaLomaK9 began. What started with a single leash grew to more leashes in various colors and styles.  My local dog community enjoyed the items and asked for more.  Next, toys were added and then more toys, collars, tug toys, long lines and leashes. The inventory is always evolving. If you have an idea for a toy, please share it!  We are always open to new ideas or suggestions for changes to existing items.

  • Elizabeth H.


    "The best tugs on the market.  Hand-made in the USA. The workmanship is excellent, and the prices are reasonable.  The delivery is fast as well. If you have a specific request about length, and etc, the owner will make you a custom product.   Please go to this site and take a look!"

  • Tony P.


    "I can vouch for the riot sticks as well as the fleece hand knotted tugs.  I can also vouch for the custom made tugs as I have all of these and my dogs love to play with them."

  • Nancy S.


    "I find that I prefer the fleece hand knotted tugs as they have some give. When my dos put in a huge tug effort, the give of the fleece tug is much easier on my arm, but to each his or her own!  The custom made tug I have has a furry end and a long lead.  This allows me to move the tug about easily which gives my dogs a great cardio workout."